A Testamonial or a How-To Moment
December 22, 2023, 12:00 PM

I named this a How-To Moment because it is just a guide on how I did it and it is just exclusively for me but may give you hope on your own journey to know Jesus.

None of us like being told we have to accomplish things in a certain way, whether at work or our personal lives. It's just that way it seems.  Getting to know Jesus is especially personal.  My way started a few years ago when you know what happened to all of us.  I was introduced to the YouVersion Bible App.  I thought OK not too hard, I can certainly do this on my own schedule.  I set the time that was most meaningful and quiet for me.  I chose at the end of my day.  Every night I would open it up and I got to "Choose" from a ton of topics that spoke to me personally.  It gives you an audio of a devotion or you can choose to read it (without the sound) also it integrates bible verses that go along with the devotion. 

Why is that so special you wonder.  Because it started to grow on me and I didn't want to miss a night no matter  where I was at the time.  Yes, early on I did miss on occasion because in order for it to count for that day you have to get it done before midnight OOPs.  Yes it keeps track of how many days in a row you complete it.  Fast forward three + years and I am working on getting 365 straight days in a row, which by the way I have never done anything but breathe for that many days in a row.  I'm not telling you you have to download this or any other app out there, what  I am saying is find something that speaks to you and what your goals are for getting closer to God. 

Bible studies are another excellent way to stretch your understanding of God's word and what it means for Him to love you and you to have an understanding on how to love Him in return.  I will say it is nothing that happens overnight, however long it takes I'm sure God is patiently waiting.  When you do achieve what you believe it is a freeing feeling.  Troubles seem to be less of a burden when you know that God is with us all the time and we need only to talk to Him one to one.  I'm sure somewhere you have seen the commercials called "Jesus Gets Us".  Yes Indeed that is true!  Just knowing that is a comfort because we are not alone in our struggles.

I will close with some more rambling advice "Baby Steps are all that is required to cultivate a lasting relationship with our Creator".